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came to the clinic on August 16th 2023..after being told that I had no other options but surgery..I was in a great deal of pain..I was even considering quitting my job because of the I couldn’t even right leg was turning external..I had to walk with a cane and only a few steps at a time..
After 4 months of therapy..I am no longer needing the cane..I am able to garden ..I can even go to the gym and continue my workouts..more important to me is that I can take care of my sick has definitely changed..
I recommend Dr. Elazar to anyone who suffers from is not over yet..for me it’s just beginning

- Kristie Miller

I was experiencing a strong neck pain and after a couple of sessions I felt human again. Thanks to the doctors at Boca Chiropractic for their great professionalism.

- Kristie Miller

Dr. Elazar has been AMAZING with my adjustments and helped my spin tremendously, and continues to help me with my problems due to my fall which now I have a broken tailbone I’m healing from.

- Kristie Miller

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